Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taking the show on the road (on-line, that is)

Following in the digital footsteps of Rev. Bryan Siebuhr ("Recovering Buddhist Priest"), late of the Midwest Buddhist Temple, I'm trying my hand at a blog. (see NOTE below )
Today the Buddhist Temple of Chicago celebrated its 67th anniversary. We want to cheer for our diversity, but in the head minister's greetings, I find we still use the "clubby" language of the Japanese American community - talking about the "Issei" and "Nisei" etc. I have to keep catching myself when I use these terms and translate them - Issei= the generation of Japanese who immigrated to America; Nisei=the children of the Issei, born on American soil.
The microcosm of the temple is the "dojo" (place of practice) for the Buddhist teaching of Oneness - we learn to be more aware of others and their sensibilities as we welcome the newcomers and realize they don't always share our clubby language and unspoken rules of conduct.

April 2013
NOTE - For those of you looking for Rev. Siebuhr's blog, he recently started it up again at:

Sept. 2014
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  1. I look forward to learning more about BTC through the lens of this TCB blog.

    Personally, I like the "clubby" concepts. It allows for this Westerner to learn more about the history and richness of the culture that guides me.

  2. Tara - thanks for your comment (the first one for this brand new blog)