Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sutra study, the live chat room at our temple

Maybe in the near future, we will have virtual meetings, but for now we welcome everyone to our old fashioned face-to-face gatherings to study Buddhism together. On Wednesday evenings at 7pm we have our weekly discussion - for Fall 2011 we are discussing "Protestant Buddhism." Tomorrow and the past 2 weeks we've been looking into the emergence of Zen in Japan and next week we'll explore Nichiren and his focus on the Lotus Sutra.

Monthly, generally the 3rd Sunday, we have Sutra Study class meeting around 12:30pm (after morning 11am service and refreshments). Please join us this Sunday the 16th as we continue our reading of the Sutta Nipata, the chapter on fighting with others (don't come if you've never experienced conflict). See photo (by Kay S.) of our group (too bad, I don't look as stylish as my avatar). For more photos, see the "Views of Diversity" album at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago Facebook page.


  1. Any more discussion of virtual meetings?


  2. Michael - There has been discussion of doing podcasts - the Midwest Buddhist Temple posts podcasts of Sunday Dharma talks online. When I wrote this post it was before 2012 when I actually had to conduct Skype sessions from Texas and Minnesota. However, I prefer to do face-to-face. Maybe we'll try having Skype visitors to our study classes - when I find a volunteer with the expertise for the group Skype program (that we have to pay for)